Oxfordshire Society of Rugby Football Referees Annoucement

2020-2021 season match fees to be reduced by 50%.

Dear President/Chairperson,

I am writing to you as President of the Oxfordshire Society of Rugby Football Referees. As you are aware, due to the unprecedented circumstances relating to the outbreak of Covid-19, the 2019-2020 rugby season has unfortunately been cut short. Whilst I’m sure that many of us have greater concerns at present than rugby, I am writing to you to reassure you of the steps the Referee’s Society are implementing to support our clubs during this difficult time.

With the season ending in such unique circumstances, we know that many clubs will have been left in a difficult position in relation to funding. You will have lost income, your sponsors may be considering their positions and some of your members may be furloughed or become unemployed.
The Referees’ Society considers itself part of the Oxfordshire rugby community and understands that it has an important role in supporting you during these difficult times. As a result, the committee has unanimously agreed to reduce the match fees we would have normally charged you for the 2019-2020 season by 50%.

In the next few weeks, you will receive an invoice from the society treasurer which will detail both the normal match fees we had calculated for this season and the 50% discount applied. We hope this gesture will help you through this difficult time.

We will continue to plan for the 2020/2021 season, whenever it may arrive. However, we will review our position as to whether further measures are required should the need arise.

Right now, we all need to do our bit to look after the whole rugby family in whatever way we can during these challenging times. Rugby will return when the time is right and we look forward to supporting you on the pitch when the new season gets underway.

Yours in Rugby,

Jim Holmes
Oxfordshire Society of Rugby Football Referees

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